Men of shit

Men of shit, some are 100% sure, others given the global overpopulation in doubt consider them shit.

The strong powers are advantaged in this field … cancel evidence, maneuver police, cover up, deny, for this friends, in doubt, not worthy of a thought, are shit. Any crime with an extensive social impact must be held guilty if suspected, locked up for life if guilty. No one is ever guilty, the broad political agreements implement and move by adopting the unwritten code of the category protection at any cost. They could have the enemy of a lifetime in their hands, but if this alone causes general damage, everything is covered up.
A simple rule is to inflict deadly sentences to any successful investigation of protected categories, which can put the controllers in great difficulty. Precisely this difficulty in obtaining positive results, to be part of the function of the judicial system, can not equate the average citizen with a senator. It is a twisted, unreal, sick ideology.
The law must not be the same for everyone in applicability. Of course, today it leads the people to believe that no one escapes the law.